Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Spirits

I have been around this world. I’ve been in a lot of places. I’ve seen a million faces in a thousand towns” (quoting the talented Aaron Neville). Mostly, I have been blessed with amazing friends, mostly females, and have crossed paths with women who have walked through fire like warriors, inspiring me to do the same. They are ‘Femmes d’Exception’, exceptional women, old, young, of diverse backgrounds, different countries, speak different languages, many accomplished, career-oriented, full of creativity. They are married, single, mothers who have had their share of challenges and heartaches. Some are fierce, others more of the gentle type whom sickness, torture, poverty, abuse, loss, deceit failed to weaken. Their personal struggles  and victories are worth revealing.
They are ordinary women who share an indomitable spirit fed by love, faith in God and themselves, ambition, and gusto for life  and whose journey has inspired me and many others to the core.
Here are some of their stories:
Courage and Commitment: A Career Built from the Ground Up – (English/Français) ♣
Par la Grâce de Dieu (By the Grace of God) – (Français/ English) ♣
Walking Through the Valley of Grief: A Mother’s Journey – (English/ Français) ♣
♣   The Veterans Among Us: Karen’s New Lease on Life –  (English)  ♣


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