Giving in (Welcome Message)

Alright, I get it.
How many times have I heard that everyone somewhat serious about writing should have a blog? One million two hundred thousand and three. So, I gave in.
Behold, Ye People, Behold, Here Is My Blog!
My goal isn’t getting hundreds of subscribers instantly (for that, I would need Oprah to take notice. Oprah, Oprah, Where Are Thou?). I mostly want to quit grabing a piece of paper I’ll lose and dig out a chewed out pen every time the urge to write strikes. And I’m currently in an environment where opportunities to discuss the topics that interest me are scarce, if not non-existant. So, here I am, ready to fill the cyberspace with yet another collection of late night blah blah ramblings on myriad topics ranging from multiculturalism, cultural integration, international affairs, the books I read, Human Rights, life in America, Africa, France, current affairs (I can’t function without a healthy daily dose of CNN), females in the military and women issues to, it goes without saying, the oh, so wonderful, wonderful world of writing. 
I also invited Unconquerables, women who boldly walk or have walked on paths not often taken by others to share their stories; this blog isn’t just about me but features women who have had an indelible impact on myself and others. They are not famous, rich or glamorous but have either accomplished what few women have or demonstrated grace under fire, coming out of challenging circumstances strengthened.
I know a thing or two, have yet to learn more so feel free to add, contest, scream, react, cry at my words.  Just remember to keep it civil. And in case you’re wondering… Akɔwé? That’d be the Fon (Beninese dialect) term for ‘public writer’ and if  blogging isn’t ‘public writing’, this girl doesn’t know what is. 
On that note, have fun and Mi-Kuabo (Welcome) to a Mad, Opinionated Woman’s Blog!



♣  M.H.A. Menondji is an International-Law-grad-turned-Political-Scientist-grad-turned-author, who believes in striving for fabulousness and taking every road -no matter how deserted, crowded or filled with obstacles- to reach one’s full potential. Her first novel,  the award-winning ‘Beyond Those Hills: an Officer and a Lady’, was written in a language she learned as a third, and has been considered a showcase of accelerated cultural and linguistic assimilation. An avid learner/perpetual student, she completed a graduate program in diplomacy, international conflict management and human rights, and has done post-graduate work at Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Harvard Law School. An adventurer at heart, in mind and in body, she hopes to turn into a few more personas before her earthly term is over.