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Anyone who knows me a little knows how passionate I have always been about all things military and most specifically, all things Navy. 
Having spoken to many women who have served, are serving or considering serving in the process of writing my book, it has come to my attention that those who are current members of the US Navy and Marines Corps could use each other’s advice when no resources are available. Single moms, mothers of deployed marines and sailors, young women preparing for basic training or deployment all have both questions and experiences to share.  I’m not referring to how to hold a weapon, press a uniform or tie boots. That would be what basic training is for… This, here, is about posting little pieces of wisdom and related content from all over, and help improve sisters-in-arms and their families’ daily life. 
This section is dedicated to all women in uniform, past, present and future, and to the often unsung heroines of today’s military.

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